Cloud service based on ultrahigh precision algorithm Cloud service based on ultrahigh precision algorithm

World leading gene sequence analyze cloud service

With the technology development of Large-scale sequencing (or next-generation sequencing, NGS), people can get hundreds of human genetic sequence information in a single sequencing.

However, the president of Illumina—the world’s largest sequencing machine company has to admit that people have got a mass of nucleic acid sequencing data that far beyond the capacity of analyzing them. Without the high-precision and proper analyzing, these data are just garbage that occupying the space of the hard disk. But without knowledge of bioinformatics and molecule biology and super computer, common biology scientists and doctors cannot catch any clue of processing such a mass data. Now a days, lots of algorithm are used, most of them are complicated, lack of precision, lack of stable, making mistakes easily, all these leads to a result far apart to the reality.

Ultrahigh precision algorithm that developed by our company have been accepted by the scholastic circles. We can avoid of the fatal flaw of traditional algorithm, realize the stable, high precision sequencing data analyzing, it runs on the world’s highest computing speed super computer Tianhe-2. With just few clicks in the client of Windows system or even just in the browser, choose the parameter of your sample types and experiment, the super computer will work for you and offer you the efficient and accurate result that could be varified by the experiment. It’s Difficult in the past, but it is easy at now. We offer a one-key solution for the scientists and doctors who cannot afford the computer server and, as for the sequencing company, the solution can save the cost of bioinformatics analyst and server cluster and improve the efficiency

Price list of basic analysis

Because of the difference of the sequencing applications, we use the Illumina sequencing data as an example, list some of the typical conditions. Please refer to the detailed list for details. If your sequencing application is dramatic different from the list, or you need to batch process large amount of sample data, please consult us for discount and big customized quotation.

Analysis type Sequencing data volume
People/mouse/rat transcriptome quantitative and differential expression analysis 20M reads
People/mouse/rat translatomics quantitative analysis 20M reads *2
People/mouse/rat transcriptome mutation screening 5Gb
People/mouse exome capture sequencing mutation screening 8Gb
People/mouse chromosome widespread mutation screening 1~8Gb
People/mouse/rat microRNA analysis 10M reads
Bacteria genome mutation screening 200~500Mb
Bacteria genome iterative genome correction(correction rate:20%) 1~2Gb
Bacteria transcriptomeortranslatomics quantitative analysis 20M reads