ChIP-Seq is a powerful tool to study the interaction between proteins and DNA in vivo, usually used for transcription factor binding sites or specificity modified site in histone proteins. Applications include studies on gene regulation, transcription complex assembly, histone modification, developmental mechanisms, and disease processes.

Sequencing Strategy

1.HiSeq platform, single-end 50 bp
2.Recommended Sequencing Data:
≥10M clean reads (transcription factor),≥20 M clean reads(histone proteins)

Sample Requirements
Sample type:ChIPed-DNA, DNA amount: ≥ 50 ng, DNA concentration: ≥ 10 ng/μl

Turnaround Time
35 working days

List of Analyses
1.Data quality control
2.Alignment with reference genome
3.Peak Analysis and annotation
4.Differential Peaks Annotation
5.Motif Analysis
6.SCC analysis