RNC-seq: Gratis for the C-HPP


Chi-Biotech is the leading service provider on accurate next-generation sequencing. Currently, Chi-Biotech is the unique company which offers the translatome sequencing service of various types of species. Since the translatome sequencing (RNC-seq) has been proposed as the fourth resource pillar of the Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP) in 2013, RNC-seq technique has become a powerful tool for proteomic studies as an independent information source for the existence and the sequence of proteins.

RNC-seq analyzes the mRNAs that are being translated. These mRNAs (including the canonical mRNAs and the protein-coding “non-coding” RNAs) will produce proteins eventually. It is simple in principle but complex in practice: the ribosome-nascent-chain complex (RNC) is extremely vulnerable. It is very tricky to isolate complete ribosome-nascent-chain complex with the intact mRNA on it. The nature of the rapid translational regulation requires swift and accurate manipulation of the samples before the ribosomes change their distribution.

To accelerate the achievement of the Human Proteome Project, Chi-Biotech offers gratis RNC-seq service exclusively for the 24 C-HPP chromosome teams free of charge. As announced in the 17th C-HPP Symposium, researchers simply need to perform quick pre-treatment according to the sample type, and ship the samples in dry ice to us. We will perform all the rest experiments, Illumina HiSeq paired-end sequencing for RNC-mRNAs and provide bioinformatics based on the hyper-accurate FANSe algorithm, which has been intensively used in C-HPP.

Information for the C-HPP chromosome teams:
- Chi-Biotech has succeeded translatome sequencing on animal cells, animal tissues, plant tissues, bacteria, fungi and algae. Please refer to the Sample Preparation Guide for general pre-treatment information. Due to the special features of many cells and tissues, we strongly recommend the C-HPP chromosome team to contact us to assess the possible alterations of the pre-treatment protocol.
- In most studies, transcriptome sequencing for the same sample is also needed. We offer also the transcriptome sequencing in parallel for minimized deviation, and in rock bottom price.

Contact: techsupport@chi-biotech.com
(Please mention “C-HPP” in the email title)

For scientific/technical request on translatomics, you can also contact Prof. Dr. Gong Zhang (Jinan University, Guangzhou, China): zhanggong@jnu.edu.cn