Key Advantages Key Advantages

Significant academic reputation and sophisticated NGS experiences
The technical principle investigators are all professors in universities, in charge of major national projects. Their scientific papers are published in leading journals in the field. They are also invited speakers in various international academic conferences all over the world. All these established their scientific reputations. The CTO, Prof. Gong Zhang, are one of the key scientists in the Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP). His team was in charge of all the NGS experiments and data analysis for the translatome sequencing, which is a key pillar of C-HPP. This qualifies his expertise in the field.

Crosstalk between the cutting-edge sequencing analysis technologies and clinical applications
The medical doctors in our team have been working in clinics for years. Therefore, they have particular understanding of the clinical demand of specific and accurate genetic information. From these practice, we gained multifaceted experiences of NGS on medical research and practical medicines.

Key technologies with fully independent intellectual properties
The enormous amount of data generated in NGS applications must be processed with highly accurate algorithms for correct conclusions, especially in clinical applications. We developed our own hyper-accurate algorithms with unmatched accuracy and robustness, compatible with all mainstream sequencers.

Powerful interdisciplinary integration of the entire flow of next-generation sequencing
NGS involves biology, optics, micromechanics, electronics, informatics, network engineering, etc., which is a typical interdisciplinary technology. Our team own experiences in all these fields and are skillful in integration. Therefore, we are able to balance all the aspects to provide an optimized and comprehensive solution to minimize cost and risk, while maximize the effectiveness.